Our Story, and when I say ”Our Story” I mean My Story or The Southern Palms Story.  I could not have done any of it without the support of my family and friends. So the word “Our” means family to me. My amazing husband and son have always supported my dreams no matter how outrageous they were. My Mom and Dad always encouraged me and told me there was nothing I couldn’t accomplish.  I wouldn’t change a thing about our crazy mixed up family. All of my step children encourage me to be the best I can be everyday. Watching them all grow up and being their step mom was the most rewarding job I could ask for. Seeing our son grow up into the man he is becoming and his support each day means the world to me and lets me know that we did a great job raising him. My husband Jimmy is my biggest fan and never tells me, “you can’t do it”.  Any idea I have he encourages me to go for it and that’s what started this business. He thought of a great name that really told a story of who we are and what we will be however, (thats a story for another day).

     I have always had a LOVE for fashion and make-up and a passion for looking your best each and every day. I always told my girls and guys that worked for me, “ if you wake up each day and dress your best and look your best you will feel your best”  Working in retail as a Store Manager for over 15 years and meeting some of the best people, learning so much about not only fashion but about the retail industry, and most of all about customer service I decided to start this online boutique. One of my favorite things about being a Store Manager was being the person that the customers knew they could rely on. Building a great relationship with my customers was so important to me and my teams. Providing quality products, amazing service, and great prices is what I hope to bring to this Boutique for you all to enjoy. 

     Our goal to to create a place where you can shop for all your casual, business, and fun fashion needs, ask for fashion advise, and even be able to request specific styles and sizes you may not see. We hope this site is easy and fun to navigate. We will continue to update the site regularly as styles will have limited availability to keep things fresh and new. We love to shop for and carry items that are different, unique, and of the best quality for the price. We will also update our story to keep you all abreast on how our business is growing and how life continues to get better and better every day.